2017 Schedule

Performance 4/2
Performance 4/8
Arizona Division Contest 4/22

Partial Repertoire:

Wait 'Till the Sun Shines Nellie.

Irish Blessing


My Wild Irish Rose

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Little Boy

Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart)

Lookin' at the World through Rose Colored Glasses

Quadratic Audio Quartet

Duncan Scott - Our lead has been involved in vocal music from Junior High forward.  Though born in California, he moved to Arizona before any birthday celebrations and graduated from Mesa Westwood High School in 1970 with Baritone Bob and Bass Thom.  He had the honor of swimming on teams winning state crowns at Westwood (along with Baritone Bob) and NCAA titles at Indiana University.  After college he returned home to pursue his J.D. from the ASU College of Law and has been a member of the Arizona bar well over 30 years.  Duncan and his wife Mary have 5 children and 8 grandchildren.  He was a college math major and his father and his first son were each proud to earn and execute the exalted role of “High School Math Teacher.”


Greg Grace - Our tenor, and the youngest member of Quadratic Audio, is originally from South-Central Pennsylvania and graduated from Penn State with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He also has been involved in choirs and ensembles from early on.  Greg sang with the Bel Canto Singers of York, PA for two years singing Renaissance music.  He enjoys working on Barbershop music when he is not building motorcycles in his spare time.  Greg and his wife Sharon have two sons. Greg enjoys making age related jokes at the expense of the other members of the quartet.

Bob Pennell - Our baritone was born in St. Albans, New York, and moved to Arizona in 1956.   Bob’s father was a very involved barbershopper and sang with the Copperstatesmen/Phoenicians for about 20 years.  Bob was a graduate of both Mesa Westwood High School in 1970 and the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, where he sang in the Naval Academy Glee Club and a barbershop quartet drawn from the Glee Club.  He is a retired Navy Captain, and recently retired from Honeywell Aerospace.   Bob and his wife Nancy have 5 children and 2 grandchildren. In his spare time Bob sings the various sea chanteys and Naval Academy fight songs. Bob has performed the National Anthem at Cardinals football game and Phoenix 4th of July, and is an avid ASU football fan.

Thom Olmstead - Our bass was born in Western New York and was raised in Arizona by his grandfather who was a former Barbershop director and Judge.  He graduated from Mesa Westwood High School in Mesa in 1970 and then Arizona State University.  He has taught mathematics at Apache Junction High School for almost 40 years and now is retired.  Thom and his wife Sue have 2 married children and 2 grandchildren.  To relax, Thom recites the value of pi to 15 places. When he sees former students in public, he expects them to greet him with the same 15 places of pi or provide the most recent information on ASU football recruiting, either one.

         Greg Grace – tenor       Thom Olmstead – bass        Duncan Scott – lead        Bob Pennell – baritone

Our quartet was formed in 2013 after a 40-year High School reunion revealed a mutual interest in barbershop singing.

After our second year of competition Quadratic Audio became the 2016 Arizona Division Novice Quartet Champions.

                           To hire Quadratic Audio in the Mesa AZ area call (480) 489-8595 or teolmstead@cox.net